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Business Etiquette - Holiday Parties

Business Etiquette: Holiday Parties

Some of us look forward to the season’s festivities — the get-togethers, the delicious food, the abundance of alcohol, to name a few. Along with the holiday dinners there are the work parties that a lot of us are obliged to attend — and 9/10 times, it isn’t always the most anticipated event of the […]

Farewell 3H Internship

Farewell 3H Internship

After four learning intensive weeks, I have completed my internship with 3H Communications. In my time here, I have had the opportunity to learn new programs, experience work from an employee’s perspective, and meet talented designers and marketers. The programs I have used in my time here include Microsoft office, Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop, all […]

Emotional Appeal in Advertising - Whats on the Rise

Emotional Appeal in Advertising – What’s on the Rise?

You’ve likely heard the term “Emotional Appeal” before. Chances  are that a marketing teacher, co-worker, or boss has said that Emotional Appeal can be an effective technique to build a connection with your audience and make them interested in your product. And, well… they’re right. Emotional Appeal can sometimes be omitted or be unremarkable in […]


Business Success Must-Haves: A 25 Year Perspective

There’s a lot out there about how business has changed over the last decade, let alone 25 years. During the course of our journey leading to this point, suffice to say, 3H Communications has not only seen many changes… it has embraced them. My earlier blog written last week speaks to those business changes. Here, […]

In With the New - Digital Marketing Must Haves

In With the New: Digital Marketing Must-Haves

Although traditional marketing and advertising campaigns are still effective, many programs and companies are now relying on digital marketing tools and approaches to implement their marketing strategies. In the vast digital realm, it can sometimes be difficult to identify which program, tool, network or approach to leverage to meet your objective. Marketers sometimes feel that […]

Dont be afraid of the blog - A how to approach

Don’t be Afraid of the Blog: A “how-to” Approach

The internet and social media have created a venue for open marketing.  It’s called the Blog. No longer are “readers” designated to print alone. Reading is now accessible to anyone that has connection to the web. Social Media has enabled more people to read up on their points of interests. People are turning to the […]

The Spirit of Competition

The Spirit of Competition

With all the hype around the Olympics and some big name sponsors promoting the games, it’s almost impossible to turn on the television or look in a magazine and not see an ad that in some way incorporates sports. However brands don’t need to wait for a big sporting event to capitalize on the popularity […]

Let the games begin Which Olympic Ad Deserves a Gold Medal

Let the games begin! Which Olympic Ad Deserves a Gold Medal?

The 2012 Olympics have officially started, but for months we have seen advertisements from Olympic sponsors. The most coveted position for an Olympic sponsor is to be part of The Olympic Partner programme (TOP). Being part of the TOP programme gives sponsors exclusive worldwide marketing rights. This year’s sponsors in the TOP programme are: Coca-Cola, […]

The 2012 Olympics Its a Social Game

The 2012 Olympics: It’s a Social Game

It’s nothing new. Throughout the history of the Olympics, the Olympic brand has been heavily guarded and its use tightly controlled. As have been the Olympic sponsors. But in the age of social media, has it become more difficult for the Olympic brand and the Olympic sponsors to protect their rights and control their message? […]

TV commercial magic

TV commercial magic

The 3H Communications team was tasked to create an environment for the viewer that does not exist. Create the illusion that the viewer is in mid winter, under extreme cold, when actually it was mid fall – all the while looking great and conveying the message effectively. Most of you have no idea how much […]


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