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Retro Advertising Nostalgic Value

Retro Advertising: Nostalgic Value

We’ve been noticing a trend recently that lends a hand to the celebrities and shows that a lot of us grew up watching. What is the purpose of using these particular stars or shows to appeal to viewers? We think it has something to do with nostalgic value. Retro advertising has been done before but […]

Client Relationship Whats The Point

Client Relationship: What’s The Point?

We’ve discussed in previous posts the importance of strong and lasting client relationship building: regardless of what your marketing strategy is or how ambitious your goals are, the bottom line is that it is all done in vain if the client relationship building is not present. I had a conversation the other day about ways […]

Client Management The Art of Anticipating

Client Management: The Art of Anticipating

Regardless of today’s speed of business, I believe one aspect has remained essentially unchanged: Client management. It can be summed up in one word: Anticipation. I know some of you will associate the idea of “anticipation” with Heinz Ketchup. However, I have always thought of “anticipation” as a key part of building and achieving strong client […]

Measure Your Success in 2014

Measure Your Success in 2014

It’s common at the end of each year to reflect upon what happened, what worked, and what we can learn from. In our personal lives, we make resolutions to improve certain areas that aren’t up to par – so why should it be any different for your business? It isn’t good enough to simply resolve […]

Success - Work Smarter, and Harder

Success: Work Smarter, and Harder

I was once told by a friend that success is to “work smarter, not harder” — what she meant by this, was that it isn’t impressive to be the last person to leave the office if it’s because it takes you 12 hours to complete a task that might only take 5 hours for someone […]

Productivity - Write This Down

Productivity: Write This Down

Productivity means making active steps towards accomplishing something — not thinking about what we have to accomplish. What are we “putting down” when we “put it down on paper”: a current of thought, a torrent of emotions, the first incisions of a decision Flannery O’Connor said that she writes in order to discover what she […]

Change - For Better or Worse

Change: For Better or Worse

As Heraclitus so succinctly put it, “The only constant in life is change”. As people, some of us struggle daily in order to adapt to the changes that life thrusts upon us. As professionals, the same theory applies. The workplace, the marketplace, even the avenues in which we conduct our business are changing at rapid […]

Overcoming Challenges - The Real Iron Man

Overcoming Challenges: The Real Iron Man

I was shown a video last night that I wanted to share with you: found on the VICE website, this video shows a man, Sun Jifa, who lost both his hands during a fishing explosion. He couldn’t afford prosthetic hands – so he made a pair for himself out of iron. His bravery and perseverance […]

Client relationships - Creating Success

Client relationships: Creating Success

Developing successful client relationships has never been “easy” work. At 3H, we have had the privilege of  having worked with some great clients over the last 25  years. It’s always a pleasure… at least mostly!  We have had the opportunity to create successful campaigns delivering on our promise of always putting out  awesome creative and, […]

Promoting Your Automotive Business Online

Promoting Your Automotive Business Online

No matter what kind of business you have, you need to promote it to  profit from it. This rule does not change for automotive business. In order to do this, you can either promote your automotive business with traditional media that are often more costly and time-consuming or you can promote it with the help […]