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Client Happiness Happy Business

Client Happiness… Happy Business

Suffice to say that in any business, client happiness amounts to a happy business– your business. In the advertising world where business marketing meets conceptual communications …objectives, strategies and creative all need to be integrated to provide the one strong solution … it’s important to keep the following in mind to earn client happiness! This […]

Case Study - A new Adrien Gagnon for todays Quebecer

Case Study: A new Adrien Gagnon for today’s Quebecer!

Adrien Gagnon, the Quebec Natural Health Products provider for over 60 years, found themselves losing their market, their leadership and their relationship with Quebecers. As such, they needed to reposition their brand to the Quebecer of today, providing a contemporary and youthful image. With our understanding of the regional market differences in Quebec, we were […]

The Lost Art of Listening

The Lost Art of Listening

In this business, we all want to keep our clients happy.  Yet in this busy, fast paced go go go world, one key component is lacking – listening! Instead of hearing what our clients are saying, we are so eager to “sell” our latest idea, fix a problem or answer a question, that we interrupt, […]


Business Success Must-Haves: A 25 Year Perspective

There’s a lot out there about how business has changed over the last decade, let alone 25 years. During the course of our journey leading to this point, suffice to say, 3H Communications has not only seen many changes… it has embraced them. My earlier blog written last week speaks to those business changes. Here, […]

Business Success - 25 Years in the Changing

Business Success: 25 Years in the Changing

There’s been a lot of changes in the last 25 years, not only  in the agency business but in business in general. I will be predictable and say it has all come about because of the computer. That would be right to a certain extent. However, I believe it’s the way in which business and […]

Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It’s our silver anniversary! 25 years ago, the 3H Communications journey began. It was a humble start. Miriam,now Chief Creative Officer, was just helping out a couple of friends, one to advertise an airline and the other to launch a shopping center. 25 years of experience  later and 3H Communications is a flourishing, cutting edge, […]

Oh Job Be Mine - A passionate love affair

Oh Job… Be Mine! A passionate love affair

Lucky are those that are in love with what they do. Everyday is a new wonderful day filled with commitment, dedication and emotion. As I reflect back on the 25 years I have spent at 3H Communications and with all my clients, I truly believe that I have been blessed. Like any love affair or […]

5 Marketing Activities You May Want To Outsource

5 Marketing Activities You May Want To Outsource

Marketing is essential for any business, and it’s a field that’s constantly researched, analyzed, and developed by professionals. In general, there are lots of marketing activities you can do on your own to save money, such as posting flyers around town or designing business cards. There are others, however, that are best left to the […]


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