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Get Inspired - 10 Quotes to Help Get You Writing

Get Inspired – 10 Quotes to Help Get You Writing

Blogging can be hard. Let’s face it we don’t always know what to write and I’m always told to write what I know… sorry reader I don’t think you would like to read about a secret world under the ocean or a forest elf battling a ferocious dragon.  You are here for a better understanding […]

Re-branding - Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Re-branding – Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

So your business made it off the ground, you’re generating revenue, but you’ve hit a roadblock with your growth and revenue. Perhaps it’s too niche or misleading, or tied to a geographic location – what to do? Re-branding your company requires careful consideration and planning in order to achieve a successful outcome and take your business […]

Work Life Balance 6 Simple Balancing Tips

Work-Life Balance: 6 Simple Balancing Tips

In marketing it’s not always about strategies or the latest trends, it’s also about creating a more productive, organized and positive work environment. Your business or clients need to see that you’ve got things under control no matter how much life can get chaotic. We’ve all struggled to keep up with our work loads and […]

Measuring Up in Social Media Rankings

Measuring Up in Social Media Rankings

It’s really interesting to examine how major companies compare to each other when social media becomes the interest. What makes for a good social media ranking? Any company can create a Facebook page or Twitter account. Getting people to interact is another issue. While some companies are skilled at attracting this type of action, others […]

Reddit - Brand Marketing Up Vote or Down Vote

Reddit & Brand Marketing: Up-Vote or Down-Vote?

My Reddit cake day (the term used for 1 year anniversaries) is almost upon me. Having been on Reddit for almost a year, I thought I would take the opportunity to immerse myself more into Reddit – not as a community member, but as a marketer. It’s important when trying to use social media to […]

Mobile Search is Fueling Small Business

Mobile Search is Fueling Small Business

The jury is back and the verdict is in, customers are going mobile. We all kind of intuitively knew that was coming, but the reports are now verifying what we already wondered. If your business is not mobile you are missing a whole lot of customers. What do we mean when we say mobile anyway? […]

The Retail Challenge - Getting Shoppers Attention

The Retail Challenge: Getting Shoppers’ Attention!

When we go shopping for anything from food, clothes or cars, we have a lot of choices, at times too many choices. Do we choose a brand that’s familiar to us or do we take a chance with a new one? How do we choose from all these different brands on the retail shelf… and what do […]


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