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Retro Advertising Nostalgic Value

Retro Advertising: Nostalgic Value

We’ve been noticing a trend recently that lends a hand to the celebrities and shows that a lot of us grew up watching. What is the purpose of using these particular stars or shows to appeal to viewers? We think it has something to do with nostalgic value. Retro advertising has been done before but […]

4 Things You Need to Hear From Your Web Developer

4 Things You Need to Hear From Your Web Developer.

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, for something a lot more sensible than cat videos and pointless Facebook updates (say for instance, for making some real money) then you’ve also- on multiple occasions- come to that moment where you’ve had to get a website for yourself. Now, getting a website that actually works […]

2013s Most Innovative Companies

2013′s Most Innovative Companies

Innovation can be defined in many ways. You can deliver innovative design or an innovative user experience. In any scenario, innovation stems from the desire to either create something unique and original that has never existed before, or to take an existing product or service and make it even better. Here at 3H, we thrive […]

Designing Appetite Appeal - The outside counts

Designing Appetite Appeal: The Outside Counts

Designing Restaurants: It’s the outside that counts. If there is one thing you should know about me, its that I have a huge obsession with food. Cooking, eating, watching food network, I love it all. Growing up in an Italian family and spending hours sitting around a table might have something to do with it. […]

Website Performance - Take the Challenge

Website Performance: Take the Challenge

It’s no longer good enough for businesses and their brands to have brochure websites. Now websites have to work a lot harder – especially when it comes to establishing business creditability within the internet environment. An integral part of any solid website design is having navigation that’s easy to follow in order to access information […]

Branding Bands - A Designers Perspective

Branding Bands: A Designer’s Perspective

Though I’m a big music fan, I’m not going to pretend I know much about the actual music industry. But I do know a lot about graphic design and have my share of marketing know-how. And I recognize that there’s a lot more to creating an iconic band than great guitar riffs and a good-looking […]

Website 2013 - Maximizing Performance

Website 2013: Maximizing Performance

Gone are the days when having a static website was good enough – essentially showcasing an online brochure of  a business. The introduction of flash animation and all the other bells and whistles have also run their course, (thankfully going by the wayside) now becoming passé.  The evolution of websites and their role in the […]

Corporate Marketing - Is It Becoming Entrepreneurial

Corporate Marketing: Is It Becoming Entrepreneurial?

In today’s corporate environment the vertical integration of all marketing facets is fast becoming the norm. The adage of “wearing many hats” that was once synonymous only with entrepreneurship, is no longer. Corporate marketing is increasingly becoming, in their own corporate space, a marketing hub for their brands, services or products. If you’ve been following […]

PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

More Killer Tips on PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds This is the second time you are making a presentation to the same group. The guy yawning  in the back of the room has perked up. The woman gazing at her nails looks up once or twice. At least this is an improvement. Last time she only […]

3Hs 3D The Marketing Process

3H’s 3D: The Marketing Process

As I mentioned in my last blog, I want to be an entrepreneur.   I have come to realize that the key to success is letting people know about your business since you need customers to earn money.  Marketing is crucial for any business, and is important for me to understand if I want to run […]