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Retro Advertising Nostalgic Value

Retro Advertising: Nostalgic Value

We’ve been noticing a trend recently that lends a hand to the celebrities and shows that a lot of us grew up watching. What is the purpose of using these particular stars or shows to appeal to viewers? We think it has something to do with nostalgic value. Retro advertising has been done before but […]

Bell Lets Talk Day

Bell: Let’s Talk Day

If you didn’t listen to the radio, watch the news, or read about it online somewhere, Bell Media launched a viral campaign called, “Let’s Talk Day”, to raise awareness for mental health. There are a lot of note-worthy causes that are supported by big names, but this has by far gotten much more attention and […]

Is Your Website Social

Is Your Website Social?

Remember when all a website needed to do was to show up on the net? Gone are those days! The website growth cycle has gone through animations and music design all in the hopes of getting attention and to be entertaining… only to now being a part of the business’ sales lead generation and customer […]

Business Blogging Blockbusters

Business Blogging Blockbusters

Business blogging, or what has now been coined as content marketing, has increasingly become a good source of networking for businesses. As I sit here, ready to write my first blog post of 2014, I am aware of how difficult it is to constantly provide valuable information that will be relevant for 3H’s target audience […]

Pinterest Marketing Business or Pleasure

Pinterest Marketing: Business or Pleasure?

I remember when Pinterest was first getting popular and served as one of the biggest distractions when I was trying to study for exams. I liked the humorous posts and fashion boards. A few years later, my friends started getting married and Pinterest was an excellent way to brainstorm ideas for bridal showers and cute […]

Hiring for Social Media Consulting

Hiring for Social Media Consulting

If you’re a company that’s looking to hire for Social Media Consulting, there’s a lot to consider prior to engaging with a consultant. Understandably, without a clear understanding of how social media exactly works, hiring on outside source may seem daunting. For starters, and to facilitate proliferation, your consultant must learn how your company works… […]

Content Creation - Get found in 2014

Content Creation: Get found in 2014

2013 was a big year for anything and everything that was content, social and digital. There was much talk about responsive websites; on how Google changed its algorithms to include phrasing structure; and what I feel is the most important, is how keywords (SEO) have become a topic of marketing discussions. All this leads me […]