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Brand Building

Brand Building: Don’t wink in the dark

A mere decade ago, brand building was essentially created on the pillars of packaging and advertising. It involved one-way dialogues and communications. Many feel that those were simpler and easier days. However, some brands were launched only to be left winking in the dark. The company, marketing department and employees who launched the brand were the only […]

Business ebooks - The New Sales Tool

Business ebooks: The New Sales Tool?

The proper definition of an ebook is: A publication consisting of text, images or both in a digital format. No longer is the publishing world restricted only to the print medium! In the business world, the launch of ebooks is a daily occurrence. They’re quick and easy reference tools that give a top-line view on various topics […]

PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

More Killer Tips on PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds This is the second time you are making a presentation to the same group. The guy yawning  in the back of the room has perked up. The woman gazing at her nails looks up once or twice. At least this is an improvement. Last time she only […]

Business Success - How to become a Rock Star at work

Business Success: How to become a Rock Star at work

How do you know when you are ready for business success? So you’re right out of school or you’re new to the market and you want to break into your field. But are you ready? Really ready? When after the umpteenth interview and the many false starts, or “almost-getting-it” jobs, you get “the job”. Finally, […]

Business Success - A How To Pictorial

Business Success: A How-To Pictorial

We’ve all read it and heard it… over 50% of business start ups fail in the first 5 years. There’s a number of reasons why that happens.  Rather dwelling on the negative, I rather look at the inverse and say 50% of business that do start up, are in fact, still around after 5 years. […]

Time management - Do you manage it or is it managing you

Time management: Do you manage it or is it managing you?

In today’s fast paced, social media world, staying on top of projects and timelines and time management can be a challenge. A HUGE time management challenge. Clients today expect more, in less time. So how do we manage our time, in this fast paced world, without feeling like we are constantly behind and playing catch […]

The Biz-isms of Power Marketing

The Biz-isms of Power Marketing

You may not always be aware that you’re practicing them, but they become ingrained in the way you do things day to day. “Isms” for some, are an overarching, common sense way of doing things – approaches to keep in mind. These “isms” can apply to your everyday life or your career. In business and at […]

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #156

Life is filled with uncertainties, don’t let the message of your brand be one of them.

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #155

Open communication with your clients is one of the keys to success

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #154

A healthy company is one that has an agency assist in the day to day success – monitor the vitals, keep a finger on the pulse and regular vision checks


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