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Team Building

One hat or many hats? Encouraging team building.

Earlier this week, I focused on you being the multi-tasking maestro as the business or team leader. It’s equally important to encourage your team members to multi-task. I’ll repeat my definition of multi-tasking. I’m not talking about one person being asked to wear too many hats and spread themselves thin. That leads to resentment and […]

The Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution: All that glitters is not gold

Led Zeppelin had it right – ‘All that glitters is not gold’. More profound words were never spoken. The digital revolution has occurred over the last three decades. Since then, businesses and brands have rushed in (some more than others), to jump on the band wagon and be part of the curve. Well, it’s time […]

One Mans Secret On Making Important Decisions


He was a big man and he smoked a big cigar. He was standing beside his desk, with his back to me, smoking a cigar and looking out the window at the city skyline. His presence dominated the room. That’s how I first saw him. That’s how I remember him. Big and in control. It […]

3 Wicked Ways To Build a Good Team

3 Wicked Ways to Build a Good Team

A few years back I took a course on strategic planning for small business. When the floor opened for questions many revolved around building teams. What kind of skills should you look for when building a team, is experience more important than education, are soft skills more important than hard skills, at what point of […]


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