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Packaging Design

What’s in the box? First, let’s take a look at what’s on it! Package design is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Make 3H your creative design agency, and your prospective customers will like what they see!

Packaging design is what sets a product apart from the rest. It’s what assures the consumer that she’s making the right choice in store. And by the right choice, we mean great packaging can even change her purchase decision at the shelf level. So what makes for strong packaging? What should you look for when your shopping portfolios for your new creative design agency? We can tell you here. But we’d love to show you. Why not give us a call at 3H?

Making Your Product Stand Out

Good packaging calls out your brand and communicates your brand identity. It has to say, “Here I am! I’m the brand you’re looking for!” Once it has your attention, good packaging clearly, easily identifies the product it contains. It’s informative — and it makes finding the information a snap. And did we mention? To ensure your branding, product name and vital information get through, great packaging is eye-catching and attractive. Better yet, alluring!

Being Responsible

A good package is a responsible package. It’s environmentally conscious, eco-friendly and produced using recyclable materials. For many consumers, this is becoming an important factor. It can motivate choice. And it speaks volumes about you and your brand.

Making Your Product Stand Up

There’s a lot to be considered when designing the right pack. Not all of it is as glamorous as branding, but every aspect is just as important. It’s a tough world out there. So a good package is easy to pack, to stack to move — to survive the rigours of retail life. Above all, it protects and preserves the product inside, ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction — the keys to customer re-purchase.

Looking for great packaging? Put your best face forward. Make 3H your creative design agency and put our talented team of packaging specialists to work for your brand. 


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