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We are a full service advertising agency with the expertise to cut through the clutter in any medium with the power of breakthrough creative.

When we say full service advertising agency, we mean it. We cover it all, from marketing strategy through creative strategy, to the development and delivery of polished impactful creative that puts your brand front and center, breaks through the clutter and speaks to your audience. We place your advertising in the most advantageous media. And we follow it, listening again. Tracking its progress, always with an eye to crafting our next communication.

Our secret? We deliver the right message to the right target audience in the right environment:

It’s the Art of Persuasion

It has its subtleties. And we understand them. We listen to your audience — to their wants and their voice. As a result, our creative speaks not just to them, but with them. Opening the conversation. Building the relationship. Creating the place where audience and brand come together and engage, fully and memorably.

Call it Creative Marketing

We do. It means wrapping up your brand, its personality and your unique selling positioning (USP) into a compelling creative package. Executed with skill and finesse. Tuned and targeted to the right people. And placed where they can’t miss it. That’s what we do as your full service advertising agency.

Choose the One-Stop Shop

We understand campaign strategy and media. We know how to create and produce. We cover it all. As a full service advertising agency, we have no vested interest in a particular channel. Whatever the medium, traditional print, TV, radio, video, billboard, social, digital, viral… we have the experience, know-how and creative spark to deliver your brand’s best, most effective message.

Exceed Beyond®

Whatever the project, you get our full attention and our full resources. We don’t have juniors on our team. When you partner with 3H, you mobilize a driven, enthusiastic group of professionals with extensive experience and resources. A team ready to be challenged — and to exceed beyond® our clients’ expectations.

Check out our Portfolio, to see how we help our clients break through. And don’t miss our Testimonials page! No one speaks more eloquently about 3H than 3H clients do.


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