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What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

A friend of mine asked me once… ‘I know you’re a graphic designer, but what is that? What do you do exactly?’ I was taken off-guard and had assumed that everyone knew what Graphic Design was. I should say that this friend is a well educated professional woman. I guess it was my turn to educate her.

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Graphic Design is not Photoshop. Graphic Design is not Art. Graphic Design is not always a ‘pretty picture‘. So, what is it? Simply put, it means ‘visual communication’. Think of it as a language… a visual language. A Graphic Designer is trained to speak this language. We embrace an idea. We translate that idea into a language that is understood by an intended audience – a target market if you will. Our medium involves both words and images. Together these pieces are combined to make up something that is greater than their sums individually – a visual message. When it is successful, the message is heard/understood by the intended audience. The intent of this message is derived from the client. It’s execution and success of communication requires a Graphic Designer. What has your ‘desktop publisher’ done for you lately?

Lindsay Sleightholm

Author: Lindsay Sleightholm

Lindsay Sleightholm dares to take risks that lend strength to her design in whatever medium she is working. Her conceptual thinking adds to her nimbleness and her innate sense of brand. With over 13 solid years of experience in design and production of print-ready, digital and interactive creative, Lindsay is an intrinsic part of the creative process from conception to delivery.

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