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Heather Moore

Art Director

Heather Moore - Art Director vCard

Some of us are just born to do what we do. Heather Moore was born to be an Art Director. With over 30 years of experience in Canada and overseas, Heather has a refined visual sense, an eye for detail and a way with words. Perfecting her talent of art direction, Heather brought to our team a wealth of experience as a packaging designer, conceptual thinker and illustrator. Her understanding and appreciation of marketing and her reverent respect for brand makes her invaluable. Well versed in a wide range of design applications, Heather’s creativity knows no limits. A member of the 3H family since 1998, Heather brings energy, enthusiasm and creative vision, combined with just that extra edge to keep things fresh. She is dedicated to team-work, focused on crafting the perfect concept and meeting client requirements, and a proponent of our own exacting standards.

Heather’s Happy Face-Makers: Warm Hearts. Shared Mischief. Chocolate.


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