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Creating the Household Name

Creating the Household Name

Creating the Household Name

A  worthy commodity product can become a household name… with a personality!

Changing consumer’s perception of a “commodity” type product takes long term vision and dedication. It also takes a superior product, offering a perceived commodity, a distinctive edge and a consistent delivery of promise… and USP.

Windsor Salt

In the Spring of 2010, “Ya gotta get the good one!” [link to video] once again rang out of television sets across Canada.

The commercial was the newest wave from a successful campaign started a few years ago with Windsor Salt to promote their home water softener System Saver. The new television campaign for System Saver II Pellets, “Next Generation/ Nouvelle Generation”, is a testament to our continued focus on brand evolution.

What started out as a campaign for a superior commodity product with a single “memorable”  spokesperson  has transitioned into a living, packaged brand progressively platformed in an updated wardrobe – by using the voice of a younger generation.

Through a contemporary, 3H reinvigorated the brand personality towards the target and drove home sales appeal. By producing both English and French-speaking versions  we captured each region’s tonality, further expanding the product’s market appeal.

A solid committed vision, with a tight, dynamic brand positioning can give commodity products legs that can always refresh its personality its market potential.

Miriam Hara

Author: Miriam Hara

Miriam is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of 3H Communications Inc., a full service branding and advertising agency. Her experience has enabled her to bring together strategic business savvy with an all-encompassing creative vision to product and service marketing, which she shares here, in her many posts. Join the conversation, register here. Miriam’s own brand of marketing experience and expertise is the basis of her marketing ebook series including Content Creation Understood, the most recent addition. Download it here. You can also find Miriam on Google +.

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