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An Interactive Approach to Relationship Building

An Interactive Approach to Relationship Building

An Interactive Approach to Relationship Building

Sometimes it’s not enough to speak to your target. In a constantly evolving market, the exchange of information is important and a long-term appreciation for the interactions within the landscape is crucial. An interactive approach in today’s environment makes perfect sense.

To appeal to a niche of dental professionals, 3H partnered with industry suppliers Dentsply Canada last year to develop the “Gold Performance Event” – an online year-long registration incentive that garnered the interest of over 6,400 dental professionals. This online promotion proved to be habit-forming and relationship-building through an interactive approach.

The promotion had each entrant login to enter PIN numbers from each Dentsply product they purchased in order to receive redeemable rewards

An all expenses paid vacation to Greece, along with other premiums and giveaways. – Sweetness!

Multiple winners were featured on the website and on print ads, enriching the existing ad campaign by enticing a new wave of potential participants.

This promotion not only created an overall strategy to highlight products by showcasing them online, but resulted in a comprehensive database of consumer contact information. This also provided a window of understanding to the  products consumers preferred in relation to their working needs – a profit-generating nugget of data impossible for our client to get anywhere else.

Make sure what you create is an interactive program that benefits both the consumer and the client, with invaluable results.

Miriam Hara

Author: Miriam Hara

Miriam is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of 3H Communications Inc., a full service branding and advertising agency. Her experience has enabled her to bring together strategic business savvy with an all-encompassing creative vision to product and service marketing, which she shares here, in her many posts. Join the conversation, register here. Miriam’s own brand of marketing experience and expertise is the basis of her marketing ebook series including Content Creation Understood, the most recent addition. Download it here. You can also find Miriam on Google +.

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