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Lindsay Sleightholm

Senior Designer

Lindsay Sleightholm - Senior Designer vCard LinkedIn

What’s a designer that gets brand? Or rather who is? That would be our very own, Lindsay. This brand designer is a fireball of creative passion and she’s as committed to brand marketing and identity integrity as she is to developing brilliant design. With a keen eye for the smallest of details, Lindsay is an unrelenting perfectionist. Her astute sense of current style, form and function add relevance and profound impact to her design solutions. Meanwhile, her love affair with typography keeps her grounded to her roots in “traditional” design.

Lindsay dares to take risks that lend strength to her design in whatever medium she is working. Her conceptual thinking adds to her nimbleness and her innate sense of brand. With over 13 solid years of experience in design and production of print-ready, digital and interactive creative, Lindsay is an intrinsic part of the creative process from conception to delivery. Lindsay holds Diplomas from Sheridan College in Art Fundamentals and Graphic Design.

When she’s not designing, Lindsay often enjoys her other creative outlet, art. Whether it be acrylics, clay or ink, it doesn’t matter as long as she’s getting her hands dirty!

Lindsay’s Happy Face-Makers: Antique Shopping. Painting. Naps.


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