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We are a bilingual marketing advertising agency  totally vested in your industry, your brand, your objectives. It is our philosophy to foster a “we” mentality with all our clients.

As the first marketing advertising agency in North America to achieve ISO certification, we have never missed a deadline.

Reliant on stringent process, we are respectful of timelines and budgets. Nimble. Committed. Dedicated. The 3H Team — your team — is committed to your success. It goes without saying that we pride ourselves on being your “go-to” experts. When you call on this marketing advertising agency, you get an ensemble of results-oriented professionals who take a hands-on approach to Branding, Advertising, Social Media, Project Management, Design, Web Development and IT Solutions (mobile apps, Facebook apps). With our agile creative team, understanding and getting your consumer’s attention is what we’re all about.

As a marketing advertising agency, providing a rewarding customer experience and journey along with efficiencies in achieving

objectives across multiple communications platforms just comes naturally. With more than 25 years’ experience in a multitude of industries in both the business-to-business realm and consumer packaged goods, we provide expertise, knowledge and edge.

Driven by our passion and dedication to understanding products and capabilities, our Brand Kinetix® process powers your brand, your business and your product or service to meet and exceed its market potential. We create strategies incorporating the opinions of key influencers and focus on tactics appropriate to your business objectives. Today, this is how marketing and  brand need to interact with their consumer base — not only in the social media space, but across all communications channels.

3H Mission Statement

Our passion for excellence gives us the focus to consistently exceed clients’ expectations with unique creative, personable service and timely delivery. We assist clients in achieving their highest growth potential.

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