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Yes! We do print! Few brands can live on digital alone. Sometimes – oftentimes – you need a great print ad. Or brochure or flyer. Advertorial or banner. Or whatever. When the strategy calls for print, call on us!

We love print. Actually, it’s often where we start. Where we first give life to a concept. Almost always, the same concept will work equally well in any medium, traditional or digital. Because a strong concept has the “legs” to go anywhere.

That being said, print is a classic medium, and it requires a time-honoured approach. Like ours…

Cracking the Nut

What’s the Big Idea? Finding it means imagining, what if-ing…. Exploring all the possibilities for the brand. We start the team off with a solid brief, based on brand strategy. Because the Big Idea can’t just be pulled out of the air, it has to spring from the brand itself. From it’s positioning, its image, its objectives, long-term or tactical… And the team? We put our best creative people on it (that’s all of them) until we crack the nut. Because if two heads are better than one, imagine what more can do? And besides, we like brainstorming. (We get popcorn.)

Getting it Just Right

After concept, execution is everything. Sometimes a stock image will do. But sometimes you need original photography or illustration to do the concept justice. So we have the resources on our team. We also have designers who care about things like type. Designers who see the copy as communication, not just a graphic element. Who can talk enthusiastically about the personality of a particular font, and who actually know what it is to kern type! Getting the little things right is why our print advertising makes such a big impression.

Ready for great print advertising? See our Portfolio. Check out our client Testimonials. Then come see us at 3H.


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