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Retail promotion is your salesperson on site — your voice where it so often matters the most. We make sure it speaks eloquently. We make sure it gets heard! Talk to 3H about retail promotion and get talking with consumers.

So. You go to the store, shopping list in hand. You head down the appropriate aisle. And just when you are about to reach for your usual brand, something happens… Retail promotion.

So many purchase decisions are confirmed — or changed — at the shelf level. Packaging, of course, has a powerful influence, as does past brand experience and current advertising. But this is where the rubber hits the road. This is where The Choice will be made.

We like to make sure it goes our client’s way. So we create seriously effective retail promotion and point of purchase material.


Key to what we do is bring our understanding of the customer experience to the task at hand. With a firm grasp on consumer thought process and behaviour — plus a thorough “embedding” in your brand and its promotional goals — we develop effective point of purchase (POP) and store signage. POP and signage that speak to brand and converts to sales. Beyond creative, execution and production, we offer kitting, distribution and fulfillment services.

Contest Development and Management

Want to hold a contest? We make it a major event! Then we offer the whole package, including administration and management, legal services, prize sourcing and fulfillment, winner selection and notification. We bundle it all tightly with the brand strategy and integrate it with a media campaign to get the word out. Hey! Guess what? You win!

If you’ve been looking high and low in search of retail promotion excellence, look no further. See our Portfolio, then come and see us! Let’s get your in-store tools talking. 


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