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Social Media Marketing

Defining your vision of success in the social media space is paramount.

Before your brand or business jumps on the social media bandwagon, let this social media marketing agency help you plan for your success. Unlike traditional advertising, social media is not simply about putting a message out there and waiting for results. It’s all about the relationship!  You need to engage, share and respond in a timely fashion. Being present is essential to building a strong relationship. It’s not just about the number of followers, it’s about the level of engagement. There’s an art to it, but also some science. And as a social media marketing agency, we practice it every day. Here’s some of what we do.

Our Brand Kinetix® Process

Using our Brand Kinetix® process, we start at the beginning. We investigate and research. After all, the more informed we are collectively, the better decisions and directions we’ll take.  As a social media marketing agency we’ll define exactly who is your audience and where to find them.

Social Media Benchmark Analysis

Be informed of your place and your competitors’ positions online. A benchmark analysis comprehensively illustrates your own and your chosen competitors’ media echo.

Social Media Platform Strategy and Execution

Your consumers are social and are on networks that allow them to have conversations about you. We can assist in optimizing your brand’s interaction with customer experience.

Your Social Marketing Plan

What platforms do they use?  With our marketing hat on (we never take it off!), we establish realistic goals, short- and long-term. We assist in defining objectives and develop a concrete social media marketing plan that fits your budget and works in tandem with your other marketing initiatives.

Planning comes second nature to us. We’ll build out the framework for your brand’s social media presence, and plan out the year, then month and eventually the week, all the while maintaining a flexibility and spontaneity that is required in this space. As a social media marketing agency we will guide you through blogger campaigns, content, posts… amplifying all promotions and merging traditional and digital spaces with branding.

It goes beyond executing Facebook campaigns. It’s about integrating Social Media Marketing Initiatives that are cohesive and leverage brand to sustain growth. And we are just the social media marketing agency to help. Contact 3H and get social!


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