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B2C vs B2B Whats The Difference

B2C vs B2B: What’s The Difference?

The ongoing debate on what the differences are between B2B and B2C can be endless. Here at 3H Communications, we believe that, fundamentally, there is no difference. Whether you’re marketing a product or service to a business or consumer, the questions are the same — it’s the answers that are different. We still receive each […]

Client Relationship Whats The Point

Client Relationship: What’s The Point?

We’ve discussed in previous posts the importance of strong and lasting client relationship building: regardless of what your marketing strategy is or how ambitious your goals are, the bottom line is that it is all done in vain if the client relationship building is not present. I had a conversation the other day about ways […]

Leadership - What it Takes to Succeed

Leadership: What it Takes to Succeed

I started at 3H not too long ago – and during my job interview with Miriam Hara (Partner, 3H Communications), I already got the sense that she was a force to be reckoned with. I’ve worked with quite a few female executives in leadership roles over the past decade and I always observe the types […]

Advertising Frequency - Your message will stick

Advertising Frequency: Your Message Will Stick

Advertising frequency is a huge component in the success of any campaign. Think about it: How many times do you need to hear a phone number in order to remember? Don’t answer… it’s a trick question. I have most of my numbers stored in my phone. Not sure about you but I don’t need to repeat phone numbers […]

Business Success - How to become a Rock Star at work

Business Success: How to become a Rock Star at work

How do you know when you are ready for business success? So you’re right out of school or you’re new to the market and you want to break into your field. But are you ready? Really ready? When after the umpteenth interview and the many false starts, or “almost-getting-it” jobs, you get “the job”. Finally, […]

Business Success - A How To Pictorial

Business Success: A How-To Pictorial

We’ve all read it and heard it… over 50% of business start ups fail in the first 5 years. There’s a number of reasons why that happens.  Rather dwelling on the negative, I rather look at the inverse and say 50% of business that do start up, are in fact, still around after 5 years. […]

Social Media Understood... Heres the ebook

Social Media Understood… Here’s the ebook!

Social Media Understood: 33 biz-ims you need for social media success Thinking of making your business social? Not sure what it takes or how to get started. Beneficial to anyone or business with an online presence, Social Media Understood will assist you in your initiatives by leveraging your marketing efforts. Social Media Understood is filled […]

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #156

Life is filled with uncertainties, don’t let the message of your brand be one of them.

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #155

Open communication with your clients is one of the keys to success


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