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Yukari Yoshitome

Senior Designer

Yukari Yoshitome - Senior Designer vCard LinkedIn

Yukari is a creative design powerhouse with a methodical eye, a keen, conceptual mind and 22 years of multi-faceted graphic design experience. Yukari brings meticulous and dynamic flair to every project she touches. Recognized internally as our go-to packaging expert, her development of packaging and print formations recalls the skill and dexterity of an origami artist – which she is!

Trained in Japan as a fine arts teacher, Yukari has hands-on knowledge of oil painting, Japanese painting, and sculpture, which adds to her versatility and talent as a designer. Her expertise shines through in projects ranging from packaging, advertising campaigns, branding and corporate identity, where her intuitive insight is second to none.

Yukari’s Happy Face-Makers: Shoes. Bags. Hats.


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