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Yuri Yakubiw


Yuri Yakubiw

I learned the film business from the ground up by, literally, “sweeping studio floors” as a P.A. (Production Assistant), but my desire to become a Director of Photography quickly advanced me through to the Lighting Department. There I gained valuable experience on commercials, music videos and industrials which led to a Bestboy Electric (Lighting Assistant) position on the popular CTV series “The Campbells”. Subsequent work as a Gaffer (Chief Lighting Technician) honed my lighting skills to the point where I was ready to make the next logical transition. In 1986, I began to promote myself as a Director of Photography or Cinematographer. That year I photographed commercial spots for La-Z-Boy Furniture and National Geographic, two short dramas and several music videos. Completed projects include Disney’s “The Famous Jett Jackson”, CTV’s “Sue Thomas: FBEye”, “Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning”, and most recently, CBC’s “Little Mosque on the Prairie”.


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