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Mission Statement

Our passion for excellence gives us the focus to consistently exceed clients’ expectations with unique creative, personable service and timely delivery. We assist clients in achieving their highest growth potential.

Brand Kinetix®

Brand Kinetix® is a process we have evolved through our 30 years of experience. Every opportunity and client requirement is unique, but these are the integral elements in Brand Kinetix®

Our branding process begins with gathering intelligence. We arm ourselves with information. It begins with investigating your company, your competitors and vertical markets. If required we initiate market research from store checks to informal panel discussions to full-out qualitative or quantitative research. We assess the results. Then we are set to plan and develop programs based on our identified target markets and demographics. We add to that customer analysis to develop personas based on psychographics, competitor analysis and more.
Leveraging our findings from research, we initiate creative. We break out the popcorn and brainstorm. We conceptualize and create the story. Whether it’s blogging, digital advertising, packaging design, traditional and social media advertising or TV media, we push boundaries to develop the right strategy, the right voice, the right channels to reach your objectives.
Our process is all about your brand. In your brand’s voice we start telling its story: how it should be told, to whom it should be told. The right timbre. The appropriate messages based on personas, brand positioning and brand objectives. From science-speak, food write-ups, fashion critiques to pharma aids, business white papers and consumer talk, we implement the right approach and channel for your brand’s voice.
We keep the momentum going. Our branding process doesn’t end with the launch of a campaign, event, product. We listen in, respond, engage… in order to build the brand relationship. By listening, your brand continues learning from its relationships with brand ambassadors, enabling us to create the most effective strategies to meet your objectives – and to become your subject matter expert. It’s about creating a conversation, listening to your target’s needs, and acting with purpose and intent.
It’s often the numbers that reflect the effectiveness of an initiative. So we get analytical. Our branding process demands it. We measure each result. We dig deep and look at your local or global rankings, your SEO standing and your ROI. Then we evaluate and take the necessary action.
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