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The Story of 3H.

Connection, engagement, passion, ingenuity, boldness tempered with sound judgment – all these things come into play in today’s creative economy.

3H has been contributing to the evolution of the industry of creative communication for 35 years. The results of which are seen through our clients’ successes. We are a team that channels our talents into the creation of fresh marketing ideas.

At the root of every successful campaign: branding, strategic positioning, and deployment is the ability to connect at a core level. What makes a creative marketing agency stand apart – strategic storytelling. We know it’s the creative intelligence behind our work that’s important to you. We are a diverse group of talented storytellers.

We understand what is meaningful to people. Knowing what’s meaningful and relevant builds strong brands. 3H blends experience with now thinking, enveloped in the power of words, imagery and messaging that connects. We are conditioned to Exceed Beyond® – that’s what we’ve been doing for 35 years and will continue to do!

Meet the Team.

Our creative marketing team is all about serious value for our clients. Fertile imagination is only the beginning. To be effective, creative must meet strategic goals, budgets, and deadlines. Experienced advertising professionals creating serious value is the difference between mere clever creative and effective advertising that gets results.
Miriam Hara

President / Chief Creative Officer

Relentless in her pursuit of creative advertising excellence, Miriam’s story telling talent is fuelled by a passionate heart for retail and brand marketing. Her style of creative direction injects originality into her product and service marketing by bringing together strategic business savvy with an all-encompassing creative vision. As the creative core at 3H, Miriam relies on her extensive experience to graciously lead her trusted clients through the creation of compelling and effective campaigns.

Sal Hara

Vice President

Sal lives and breathes his client services mantra – “we can, we will”. With his keen eye and his uncanny ability to find the needle in the haystack he delivers printing and unique promotions with star-like quality that is accurate on time and within budget. Sal has built a solid reputation with suppliers and clients based on trust and integrity, and delivers exceptional service, each and every time.

David Hara

Chief Financial Officer

David is the glue that holds 3H together. Not only being the eldest of the Hara siblings, the Chief Financial Officer has wind-ranging experience in accounting and investments. He is also the go-to person for all human resource issues, policy procedures and helps the newbies with the 3H mantra ‘Exceed Beyond®‘ and what it means to be a team. His keen eye for detail keeps operations running smoothly and seamlessly.

Steve Ellison

Vice President

Steve has years of experience in various roles at top-tier multi-national companies and as an entrepreneur focusing on client engagement and development. His relationship building abilities and customized solution approach have been the key elements in supporting his successful track record with account management and business development. Steve’s business sense and understanding of marketing and sales make him an integral factor in the consistent growth of 3H Communications.

Debbie Young

Media Strategist

Debbie, a marketing and media guru with vast experience, has been our Media Strategist for many years. Her strength lies in her ability to zone in on the needs of a campaign and design versatile multi-media options which best suit the target demographic. Her client proposals are always totally integrated, blending traditional media and digital media that result in campaigns which have increased ROI for many brands.

Yukari Yoshitome

Senior Designer

Yukari is a creative design powerhouse with a methodical eye, a keen, conceptual mind with multi-faceted graphic design experience. Yukari brings meticulous and dynamic flair to every project she touches. Her development of packaging and print formations recalls the skill and dexterity of an origami artist – which she is! Yukari has hands-on knowledge of oil painting, Japanese painting, and sculpture, which adds to her versatility and talent as a designer.

Craig Thomson


Creative and analytical, Craig is a seasoned media design professional with an extensive background in multi-disciplinary design. Craig’s experience as an entrepreneur and in project management gives him a clear understanding of end-user and client needs. He has a strong history as an early-adopter of technology and a desire to always stay appraised of current trends.

Ted Rodrigues


Being our official 3H photographer for years, Ted’s focus on perfection has never wavered. Whether it’s a person, a product, food or an editorial composition his artful eye unerringly captures the soul of his subject. His creative vision, coupled with his technical skill, captures the very essence of people and things, all the while maintaining a brand focus.

Steve Fanous

SEM Specialist

Steve is a fanatical online marketer who has been displaying digital marketing ads to web surfers since 2001. He has enjoyed years of building out, optimizing and managing large AdWords, SEO, display, remarketing and online video campaigns. Experienced in working as an expert within digital marketing agencies, helping start-ups establish an efficient online web presence and working within the marketing teams of several large companies.

Paul Deverson

Strategic Marketing Specialist

Paul has extensive experience in the marketing of pharmaceutical brands, in both the UK and Canada. Progressing from sales to product management, his strong strategic skills took him into advertising where he drove the development of many major pharmaceutical brands. He broadened his experience into OTC and consumer marketing and led award-winning campaigns in the UK, and directed international projects with healthcare professionals and consumers.

Anne-Marie Joncas

French Copywriter / Rédactrice

Anne-Marie is our French copywriter and adaptation expert. She has painstakingly developed and adapted French creative for a multitude of clients. She has a knack for adapting the essence of a mere thought or an intricate chapter into accurate and brilliantly adapted contextual French. Anne-Marie delves into any subject matter or industry with zeal and persistence. Ooh là là !

Balazs Sznyida

Web Developer and Programmer

Our web developer, Balazs started programming on a C64 computer at the age of 10. He’s worked on full scale projects for a broad spectrum of industries. As an accomplished web developer and a master of all things digital, he considers troubleshooting code his “special power”. He’s always up for a challenge and his can-do, everything-and-anything-is-possible attitude is infectious!

Leah Curley

Creative Director

With decades under her keyboard, there are few business sectors this Creative Director/Copywriter hasn’t turned her talents to and few audiences she hasn’t addressed. From airlines to aerospace… for general consumer, business-to-business and even military markets, Leah has expertise in all media, direct marketing, corporate communications, events, speech writing, white papers and more. Her positive disposition, conceptual thinking and her humorous mind have created some of our most talked about work.

Tracey Nolan

Social Media Marketing Strategist

Tracey is a Social Media Marketing Strategist and Producer who has been working to empower her clients to make informed decisions and build strong communities for the past decade. She brings a wealth of experience in PR, analysis and strategy to her work and places great importance on storytelling and authenticity. Tracey has worked with a diverse set of awesome people like TV’s The Tim McCarver Show, University of Toronto, Canadian Tire Jumpstart, Butterball Canada, and Mirvish Productions. She has been a guest lecturer at various conferences and at Sheridan College.

Our Services.


Delivering on marketing strategies, understanding objectives and formulating brand positioning are at the core of how we craft brand creative. We help with the heavy lifting. From establishing briefs with clear-cut objectives, strategies and timelines to contributing to research discussion outlines and recruitment questionnaires, we are part of your marketing team. With over 300 years of collective experience and well-honed listening skills, we have the know-how to turn findings into solutions.


Developing brands with a strong identity and persona is second nature to us. As your brand agency, we care about what your brand says and how it presents itself to the world. Whether it’s a re-brand or a new launch, we pride ourselves in first understanding your brand and carving out a clear path to where it needs to go. Then we make it happen. From brand ideation, logo design to research and vision statements, we assist in brand-building every step of the way.

Extending your brand’s digital footprint and exposure is the premise from which we develop any digital initiative. Whether the requirement is content creation, search word campaigns or internal and external SEO initiatives, as a full-service digital agency, we provide the strategic perspective to establish your brand’s presence within this all-important space. From web site design and aftercare, to digital campaigns and reporting, to video for digital consumption, we are a turnkey solution provider for your brand.

Conveying the right message to the right target audience in the right environment. Wrapping your brand, its personality and unique selling promise into compelling marketing creative that puts your brand front and centre. That’s the essence of how we deliver on our promise to exceed beyond. As a full-service advertising agency, we cut through the clutter and speak to your audience in any medium.


We create social experiences for your brand. We populate them with authentic content that encourages interaction and shareability. As your branding agency, we ensure that all such initiatives meet your brand or business objectives. As your digital agency, we develop the appropriate strategy, promoting thought leadership, converting, educating, or positioning your brand in its social context.

Client Kudos.

Miriam and the 3H team have done an outstanding job helping Bausch + Lomb launch our new contact lens campaigns. Their concept designs, creativity and execution have taken our initial ideas to new levels.

~ Matt Nowak, Business Unit Head – Vision Care Division, Bausch + Lomb Canada

A valued partner for over 13 years positioning and revitalizing the Windsor brand, always on time and always on budget! 3H Communications consistently delivers market-astute insights coupled with riveting creative which positively impact brand performance.

~ Luc B. Savoie, Vice-President – Sales & Marketing, Windsor Salt

Miriam and her team are very creative, strategic thinkers and deliver unique, well researched solutions. They understood our goals and created a concept we are proud of. I appreciate the team’s attention to detail and their willingness to go the extra mile to meet a deadline. Projects are completed on time and on budget, a pleasure to work with.

~ Teresa Vanderburgt, Marketing Coordinator, Hayward Pool Products Canada, Inc.

3H is an excellent high quality creative marketing advertising agency. Miriam as lead managing director has a great sense of strategic creative direction that helps brands succeed. Her knowledge in pharma, OTC and consumer brands is far reaching. If you are looking for a change and need a unique approach to your creative direction, certainly try 3H. Great agency.

~ Andrea Mulder, Chief Operating Officer, FendX Technologies Inc.

Miriam and her team at 3H Communications have exceeded our expectations since our first contact in a search for a new agency. Their strength is sound creative innovation that’s strategic, they have mastered the ability to develop creative that speaks to a set strategy and importantly, a creative that delivers results. At BD Canada we feel that 3H is not only our agency, but a valuable member of our strategic team.

~ Jamie Condie, President – US & Canada, BD Medical

Working, or more accurately, collaborating with Miriam and 3H has been a real pleasure and a privilege. Miriam truly understands the challenges we face and our business needs. She is extremely fast at getting back to us with high impact alternative solutions that we can then review and refine. To one of the greatest partners I have worked with in my 2 decades in the pharmaceutical industry, thank you Miriam for bringing such creativity, quality and positive energy in a field that can truly benefit from it.

~ Claude Baril, Chef principal, Portefeuille de produits, Dermatologie – Sr. Portfolio Manager, Dermatology, Bausch Health

I highly recommend Miriam and her company. She and her team are very creative and reliable. They have produced high quality print and digital ad campaigns and websites for my firm. Plus, Miriam is such a pleasure to work with; she is always very responsive and provides what we need right away.

~ Laura Walsh, Marketing Communications Manager, N.A., Crosstex International

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