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Trick or Truth?: The Social Media Space

The Social Media space understandably generates a lot of buzz. There are a lot of opinions about what it’s all about and with that come many misconceptions. I would like to share some of those misconceptions with you here. In keeping with the timing of Halloween, here is a few “trick or truths?” about the […]

Brand Perception

Brand Perception: It’s not what you think

Brand shapers and makers would like to believe that they own brand perception. However, that simply is not true. Any brand’s  perception by definition does not belong to the marketing teams in the offices or the manufactures. Brands are created by consumers. Many brands have been propelled to brand status by providing consumers with a better […]


The Business Blog: It’s Viable

How necessary is a business blog in today’s marketing arsenal? The “blog” is now a viable platform for communication and is becoming a significant part of the social media channel that is merging with what we now coin as content marketing. Couple that very real concept with the ever-changing Google search optimization criteria and you can’t help […]


Developing Brand Friendships

What are Brand friendships? Okay, I admit it, I’ve coined that term. But if you think about all that is being talked about in Social Media, brand friendship is really where it’s at. All the articles and blogs speak to the elements of engagement and ultimately it all adds up to viewers becoming friends with […]


Business Networking: Getting Found.

Over the last three decades there has been a big shift in how business networking is perceived. Believe it or not, there use to be a time when “business networking” was a taboo. It was actually considered shameful to admit that you received access to a meeting or even information through a networking relationship. That […]

Does creativity have an age?

Does creativity have an age?

I believe that creativity is inherent in an individual and that it can’t be taught. But by the same token I strongly believe that creativity can be nurtured and that everyone, in some way, is creative. Creativity isn’t limited to “design” or “painting” or “crafts”. Anyone from a mathematician, a web programmer to a janitor can be […]


Social Respect: Achieving it. Earning it.

What is social respect? Social respect is about gaining credibility and earning trust from others through the use of social media. Social Media – so much hoopla (excuse the pun)! Businesses and those who manage brands and products are now are realizing that social media isn’t just a fad or phase. Accordingly, there is a […]


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