The Social Media space understandably generates a lot of buzz. There are a lot of opinions about what it’s all about and with that come many misconceptions. I would like to share some of those misconceptions with you here.

In keeping with the timing of Halloween, here is a few “trick or truths?” about the Social Media space.


The Social Media space is all about popularity – TRICK

Social Media isn’t a popularity contest – unless being popular is the objective or the definition of popularity is specified. There are many objectives that the Social Media space can assist with, one of which is counting the likes on a Facebook page. So defining your goals is crucial to evaluating the success of a Social Media campaign.

The Social Media space takes commitment – TRUTH
Social Media shouldn’t be another task on the brand manager’s desk. Social Media is comprised of many segments of a business: Communications, PR, customer service, marketing and sales. It takes a dedicated team that makes Social Media “their” priority – bringing other people into the mix to assist in growing the Social Media footprint. It also takes real-time management to measure the efforts and shift priorities if need be.

The Social Media space is about taking risks – TRICK
e risk informed, not risk adverse. Social Media is an emerging channel, so like it or not, there are a lot of unknowns – so there are going to be errors. Understanding the consumer’s journey and being present when the consumer needs information is key. But understanding the potential pitfalls of Social Media initiatives is equally as important. In addition to strategic planning and execution tactics, you need to be prepared. This allows for the development of contingency plans. Risk informed, in any business or industry, is expected – in Social Media, it’s the norm.

The Social Media space is about adding value – TRUTH

The Social Media space is the perfect forum to shift Canadians’ perception and to dialogue with consumers, today. Any business or brand needs to have a voice on Social Media. I view Social Media as a marketing media channel that can assist in achieving any number of objectives.

In summary, the premise of Social Media is about adding value to people’s lives. This is achieved by providing information, advice or opinions without the expectation of anything in return. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an upside or ROI. Providing information, engaging with consumers and as a result, creating and facilitating relationships is something that can be achieved through the Social Media space – and that can be of extreme value to business.

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