What is social respect?

Social respect is about gaining credibility and earning trust from others through the use of social media. Social Media – so much hoopla (excuse the pun)! Businesses and those who manage brands and products are now are realizing that social media isn’t just a fad or phase. Accordingly, there is a new sense of urgency to ‘get in on the action‘. Often this leads to reactionary tactics without clear objectives, having no long term vision or strategy.

Understanding the premise of social media is the first step in achieving social respect.

The basic premise of social media is to inform, to start a dialogue and to engage. The scope of the engagement is based on the objectives put forth. Regardless of how broad or how niche your target audience is, the premise of earning social respect remains the same. Here are 3 key “must dos” to be well on your way to earning social respect.

1) Be relevant and add value.
It’s important to provide useful information that will aid your audience. Be helpful. Don’t create content just for the sake of creating content.

2) Don’t sell.
Social Media isn’t about selling, it’s about informing, assisting and educating. If someone is reading your content it’s because they landed there looking for information or an answer to a question about that topic. They don’t want to be sold to. They want to be informed. Social Media isn’t about your brand or business.

3) Be authentic.
Social Media isn’t a one-way conversation. It’s not the same as placing an ad somewhere to get the message out. It’s about creating a dialogue. It requires authenticity in order to do that. You need to not only put out relevant content, but you also need to contribute in the Social Media arena. Businesses need to listen and embrace the new way of developing relationships and connecting with their target audience.

Lastly, social respect can only be achieved if the content and the way you engage with your intended audience is respectful for the social media channel. Hopefully, I have provided you with some relevant information that might earn your trust.