Social Media Strategies.

If you are reading this post, odds are you are savvy with several social media platforms and know how to post on Facebook, write a Tweet, post a pin, upload a few photos, share some links, re-tweet, post onto YouTube and are connected with your business colleagues through LinkedIn and Google +.

Odds are you are also extremely busy, and time is a precious commodity for you, and you know that you likely need to spend more time on your social media strategies to better analyze the social media platforms that you are using.

Firstly, be sure to download a campaign management program such as whereby you can set-up and design some great blogs, e-books, and/or a strong email marketing  ad campaign.  The beauty and ease of these programs is that you can share them across multiple platforms and social media applications such as Facebook, Delicious, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Redditt and Stumble Upon with a simple click.

Do some homework:

But before you do this be sure to do some homework with Google Ad Words, so that you can increase your SEO and  also do some investigating on the products and/or topics that you are writing about.  Again the purpose here is to apply your social media strategies to you blog, your web pages, your e-books, and e-campaigns.  It is really important to look for Google Ad Words that have a strong searchable rankings and will optimize your campaign and overall website ranking so that you are climbing the SEO ladder!  Again there are many programs out there to analyze your website url performance, and Alexa is a great tool for starters!

Google Analytics & Social Media Metrics:

Be sure to take 20 minutes to acquaint yourself with Google Analytics and set this up for your company website.  Install the tracking code and set some goals for your marketing team to review in a weekly and monthly basis. Again, this will help you set some base lines, and be able to measure  the effectiveness of your social media strategies and campaigns.  Facebook has a great tool called Page Insights that will give you important metrics on your social media community and how engaged they are with your brand.

Word Press:

Another great blogging and web design program is Word Press, as it is helps you map out your blog or web pages with post titles, meta descriptions, robots Meta configurations  – an experienced web designer can help you go through all of this but it is vital that these configurations are done properly to optimize your website ranking. Yoast offers more insight into your blogs and web pages and really is the litmus test for you!

Social Media Strategy:

Strategy…Strategy…Strategy! The most important thing we want you to take home with you today for your marketing team is to make sure you have a Social Media Strategy as a complement to your Annual Marketing & Communications Plan.  Be disciplined, measure everything and make sure you take time to learn the latest technology out there to keep your brand alive!