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Google It

Google It: Taking the Guesswork Out of Life?

Google makes it easy for us to search for any kind of information we want, instantaneously. It has taken the guesswork out of life. But how accurate or relevant is the information we find? Let’s face it, Gen Y and Z are largely responsible for changing today’s marketing landscape. Not only with how to communicate […]

Strategic Brainstorming

Strategic Brainstorming: Big-Picture Thinking

What makes a brainstorming session a strategic brainstorming session? Some might say, “Aren’t all brainstorming sessions essentially strategic?” Well yes and no. It might surprise many that most brainstorming sessions are an exercise in establishing creative concepts in order to facilitate the tactics set out by the strategy. That in itself is not wrong. However […]

Delivering great packaging design

Delivering Great Packaging Design

Packaging design has always been touted as the “art of art”. If a designer can make it as a packaging designer, they can make it anywhere! Developing great packaging design is essential for any brand. Often the package is the only advertising a product does while sitting on shelf. It goes without saying that capturing the […]


Social Media, a has-been? Already?!

Could it be that corporate social media has seen its day in the sun? Only a few short years ago social media growth was exponential. Now it’s slowing down – almost to a crawl. Yet the explosion of the social media channel caused major corporations and small businesses alike to throw budget and people power at […]

Maintaining Creative Integrity - A few tips

Creative Integrity: A few tips for keeping it intact

In order to maintain creative integrity when discussing concept ideas with your client, it’s paramount to listen to what they are not saying. The art of listening has long been deemed as the key to success in any sales situation. And that is very true. The same is also true when selling creative and conceptual […]


Your Advertising Agency: Soul Mate or Dead Weight?

How do you determine if your branding and advertising agency is your true soul mate? In today’s fast-paced market conditions it’s important for your agency to be part of your marketing team. What makes a branding and advertising agency a true partner? In order to come up with a good answer, what needs to be established […]

MarketingPitfall#3Sameold,Same old

Marketing Pitfall #3: Same old, same old.

In today’s business environment it is increasingly difficult to carve out an edge. So it’s understandable that when something works, one might continue to do it on an annual basis – and that’s a marketing pitfall prevalent in many businesses. Marketing complacency is a sure way to lose your business edge and start down the […]

Marketing Pitfall 2_Not taking marketing seriously

Marketing Pitfall #2: Not taking marketing seriously

If you’re the owner of a business that is 5 years or older, you are obviously doing many things right. It takes real know-how to keep a business sustainable. Good for you – no, great for you! Many businesses never make it past the 5-year mark. So how do you springboard from your current success? How do […]

Marketing Pitfall1_Talking to Yourself

Marketing Pitfall #1: Talking to Yourself

The most common marketing pitfall that brand keepers make that I have come across is “talking to themselves”. I am not eluding that I have never fallen into that marketing pitfall myself. However, I believe after years of training against “talking to myself”, the lesson has finally kicked in! It goes without saying that most […]

Practice Business Love

Practice Business Love

Just in time for Saint Valentine’s Day, here’s a post about business love! Business love: Does it have a place in the work-life balance mindset of today’s business environment? There are many times while in the process of interviewing potential employees, I hear about the importance of work-life balance. Although, I rarely hear about the passion […]