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Addicted To Lists

Addicted to making lists? Don’t forget to celebrate!

Addicted to making lists? You’re not alone. We all (well, most of us) love lists. We don’t just make them because we’re busy, or because our memory’s occasionally letting us down. We’ve been ‘listing’ from the beginning. As kids it was: “Who’s coming to my birthday party,” and we’d get busy making a list. We […]


7 Quirky Questions to Ask a New Creative Hire

Recently, I blogged about 7 things I absolutely need in a new hire. As those responsible for hiring, we all know the things we absolutely need in a new hire and we look for them, first in the cover letter and résumé, later in the interview and the portfolio. Closer to actually hiring, we might […]

All Publicity Good Publicity?

Is ALL publicity GOOD publicity?

Publicity is all around us; now more than ever. Our eyes and ears are constantly fed information from all angles – we love it – we hate it – we crave it! We create new channels, we seek out more information, more detail – we want to know EVERYTHING about the celebrities we admire and […]

We Love Listicles

We love listicles: but do they make good ad copy?

Origin of the word: List + (art)icle. Are listicles worthy of advertising? It’s a question that needs to be asked simply because they resonate so well with people and that’s what we want for our advertising messages. We want them to resonate? We want them to promote action, but we also want them to be […]

7 Things I Absolutely Need in a New Hire

7 Things I Absolutely Need in a New Creative Hire

To understand why I need what I need in a new hire, you have to understand the business.  Take it from me, it’s like no other business in the world. It’s not a tap you turn on and off. You don’t (in fact, you can’t) turn on at 8:30 a.m. and turn off at 4:30 […]

Do it with Love

Forced to lay off employees? Do it with love!

Your company’s struggling financially and you’re going to have to lay off staff. How you do it is important. In Canada, there are labour laws (Canada Labour Code) that employers must follow during a layoff. This blog isn’t about laws, it’s about love. In most layoffs, if we’re honest, a little deadwood leaves; employees who […]

Long Live Advertising

Advertising is Dead! Long Live Advertising!

I hate to break the news to you, but the social media channel is media; as such, it is a channel that is increasingly necessitating the use of advertising. Advertising is alive and well … and the social media channel can be thanked for that! Advertising, or successfully advertising, is about reach and frequency. Of […]

Future of sales is social

The future of sales is social.

In an airport, recently, I came upon an out of home billboard with a prominent headline:  The future of sales will be social. I was taken aback by the statement. Hasn’t sales always been social? The very essence of sales is about the building of relationships. Any B2B sales executive will tell you this. So will any […]

Team Building

One hat or many hats? Encouraging team building.

Earlier this week, I focused on you being the multi-tasking maestro as the business or team leader. It’s equally important to encourage your team members to multi-task. I’ll repeat my definition of multi-tasking. I’m not talking about one person being asked to wear too many hats and spread themselves thin. That leads to resentment and […]

Professional Legacy

Professional Legacy. It’s important.

The decisions we make today for the brands we manage, the businesses we start, or the professional industry bodies we are responsible for are important. Whether you’re a brand, business or industry association, How would you like to be remembered? Or rather, do you want to be remembered? Those of us who nurture brands, businesses […]


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