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Business Success: A How-To Pictorial

Business Success - A How To Pictorial

Business Success: A How-To Pictorial

We’ve all read it and heard it… over 50% of business start ups fail in the first 5 years. There’s a number of reasons why that happens.  Rather dwelling on the negative, I rather look at the inverse and say 50% of business that do start up, are in fact, still around after 5 years. Why is that so? From my perspective, having started up a business start up 25 years ago, there are a few must-do philosophies that can be attributed to business success and  longevity. Here are a few visual biz-isms from 3 ebooks published last year: Marketing Understood, Branding Understood and Social Media Understood.

Establish your definition of success before you start.

Objectives provide you with the measurement of success

Add Value.

Price becomes an issue at the absence of value

Take care of your clients, customers, audience, community.

What’s in it for them

Good enough… never is.

Raise the bar…everyday.

Don’t wink in the dark…you’re the only one who will know what you’re doing. Communicate!

Talk to your target!

You’re intimate with your business. Your consumers aren’t.

Know your audience.

You don’t know it all.

Don’t rely on conventional wisdom.

Deadlines aren’t elastic!

Mark your calendar.

Complacency in business means death.

Keep Current.

Believe in what you are creating.

Stay true.

Business in general: Are you just interested or committed?

Be wildly, passionately in love with what you do!

Be realistic.

Don’t over promise and under deliver.

Be passionate, not emotional.

It’s business. It’s not personal.

Businesses need to evolve.

Enable growth.

Business is hard work.

Business Work Out Routine.

If you would like to have all the biz-isms, you can download them here.

Miriam Hara

Author: Miriam Hara

Miriam is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of 3H Communications Inc., a full service branding and advertising agency. Her experience has enabled her to bring together strategic business savvy with an all-encompassing creative vision to product and service marketing, which she shares here, in her many posts. Join the conversation, register here. Miriam’s own brand of marketing experience and expertise is the basis of her marketing ebook series including Content Creation Understood, the most recent addition. Download it here. You can also find Miriam on Google +.

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