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Brand Icon

A Brand Icon: Coke bottle still in great shape 100 years later!

The building of a brand icon “When Andy Warhol wanted a shape to represent mass culture, he drew the [Coca Cola] bottle and when Volkswagen wanted to celebrate the shape of the Beatle, they compared the car to the bottle.” Excerpt from the Coca Cola Journey™: Celebrating 100 years of the Coca-Cola bottle. How has the […]

Visual Identity

Visual Identity: which brands are making it real?

As Visual Identity ambassadors, we examine the marketing data we collect through every filter imaginable; we look at trends and we anticipate shifts. We sort and analyze the information to death and it’s important that we do. What we’re doing is looking for truths, looking for what’s real and what resonates with consumers. But as […]


Package Design: Think of it as Social Media, on a shelf

What does your product’s package design say about your brand’s personality? It should say (almost) everything. If people haven’t seen any advertising for your product, then the first time they’re going to see it is in the store. Think of packaging as Social Media on a shelf – its role is the same: good package […]

Google Logo Alphabet Soup

The new Google logo: It’s an alphabet soup of opinion

Rah-Rah, Google! Give us an ‘E’ (but make it crooked!). Gotta LOVE that crooked ‘e’ in the new Google logo. It’s so Google! Irrepressible, playful. I hear it’s annoying people. They want to straighten it. Personally, I think it’s perfect. Think about it. Leaving the ‘e’ crooked speaks volumes about Google’s personality. Not everyone agrees with me, Twitter Users Think Google Copied […]


Oh Canada – It’s cool to be Canadian!

As we approach the end of the week when we celebrated Canada’s 148th birthday, as a British ex-pat, it’s warming to me to witness the unashamed, and well-justified patriotism of the Canadian people. Their clear sense of pride in being Canadian does not manifest itself as brash or over-the-top; it’s not arrogant or repellent – […]


Brand Foundation: Take care!

When is it time to tear down your brand foundation and build a new one? Maybe the question should be: Is it time to build a new brand foundation? With this challenging and opportunistic economy, the changes and turnover within a brand’s marketing team are increasingly in flux. Gone are days when brand owners would […]

Flexing Creative Increase Brand Value

Flexing Creative: Increase Brand Value

Brand value is based upon the sum of all its parts. Those parts are: a brand name, its marketing, the relationship the brand has with its target base, its intent and its history. Additionally, to a large degree brand value or brand equity is based on its level of endurance. A brand’s stamina and staying […]

Is Your Personal Brand Drowning? Know The Signs

Is Your Personal Brand Drowning? Know the Signs

Who you are and how other people see you are sometimes two completely different things. Have you ever been surprised by seeing a celebrity behave differently than you had them pegged? Their personal brand, the self they sell to the public, was convincing enough that it become more real than their genuine self. You have […]

Brand Character Adding Layers

Brand Character: Adding layers

The year is 2014 and the way brand character is now defined is quite different from 5 years ago. Brand value on an emotive and creative level has always been about brand character, or as some often call it, brand persona. In days gone by, the shaping of brand character was hugely dependent on many […]

Brand Canada The marketing of a country

Brand Canada: The Marketing of a Country

Canada the good. Canada the polite. Canada the humble. Well, since the last winter Olympics… a subtle change has occurred in the Canadian persona. Since the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Canada has been evolving its persona…still really nice, but a little more edgy.  It took the Vancouver Winter Olympics for the world to stop and take […]


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