Brand Tactics need to be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis.

To often, brand managers feel that once they have used a brand tactic, and it hasn’t worked, it will never work. That’s just not so.  As time marches on, it is increasingly important for brands to stay in shape, (sound familiar?). Keeping pace with market shifts and trends is key to brand survival. When market conditions are tough, as they are today, it’s time to take the time to get fit. It is also the precise time to plan for the future. There is an old adage, “time stops for no one”… there is another wise saying: “this too shall pass”. Consequently, your brand tactics need to be timely, in top shape and ready to go!

Brand Tactics

Photo by basheertome available under a creative commons license


How do you evaluate brand tactics? Suffice to say, in every type of market condition there exist three fundamental pillars: The right approach. The right offer. The right time.

The approach and the offer must be in sync with the timing of any marketing initiative in order for it to be successful. Failure of a vehicle in the past, may have been the result of the wrong offer or, of  “off” timing. When reviewing how to get your brand to lift off in time for the next full market up swing… keep an open mind and review and assess with a 360 degree scope. Make time work for your brand.