A little patience and a little change go a long way in brand evolution. I see a brand as a living being. It needs to be nurtured carefully…it needs to sit, crawl, stand and walk before it can run. Some brands are in constant motion, too much, too fast. Working on brands as we do, we forget that the consumer is not as intimate with our brand. They need a little more time to get to know it. Resisting the temptation to change it, to add to it is the hardest part of branding.


Brand Evolution

Photo by Terry Johnston available under a creative commons license


Yet, I also see the other side of the spectrum. Some brands just sit in the same chair that they have been in for years, losing touch with the times and with consumers. Brand development takes time and it takes ever-so-slight forward movement at certain times of its life, to keep it fresh without losing its flavour or initial contribution.