In today’s day and age there are tons and thousands of blogs and growing. So how do you drive traffic to your blog? This is the million-dollar question that everyone asks.

Many people think that all you need is a catchy title about a popular topic, add in some popular search engine keywords and there you have it.

Well, it’s not that simple. Below are a few tips in building traffic to your blog.

Before getting started let’s begin stating the two basic reasons as to why regular readers follow blogs. Firstly, useful information is key in attaining followers and secondly highly engaging entertainment. If your blog substantially lacks either one of these don’t expect to get many followers because you won’t.  You will need a different approach and a lot more brainstorming before reaching the next stage of building traffic.

Another key element in building traffic is you must be an expert in the particular topic you are talking about. There’s no sense in writing a blog if there’s no main focus.  If too many unrelated topics are posted you will likely have an audience that will be very fragmented.

If your blog lacks expertise you’re just calling for trouble so, don’t expect to have an audience at all. But most importantly, have a focused direction.

If your blog offers valuable information, has a key focus then continue reading on about the tips and tricks of building traffic to your website.

1. Write Posts That People Will Want To Read
This sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people forget to provide headlines and copy that will be interesting to your audience. If you write posts that the reader will find interesting they will likely come back and visit your blog regularly. That is only if you write often and regularly.

2. Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to Share Your Posts & Find New Connections
All three social networks attract a vast range of internet users around the world.

These networks which also be referred as “content distributors” meaning they can help you spread the word about your blog. Taking advantage of putting these networks will surely lead you on the path to success. Here’s how!

  • Firstly, if you’re not already registered on these accounts I suggest you do so.
  • Make sure you fill as much of these profiles as you can otherwise they will not look credible.
  • Remember to connect with users on these sites whom already share a professional relationship, and begin following industry luminaries, and influencers.
  • Share content with your peers especially anything that you feel is interesting enough to possibly go viral.

 3. Optimize Your Posts for Search Engines
It is important when writing blog posts that you remember to optimize your pages for search engines to find them. I can’t stress this enough but you must include relevant keywords. A rule of thumb is to not overload your post with too many keywords or words that have not relevancy with what your talking about.

4. Tag Your Posts
It takes literally a few seconds to do yet people still don’t spend the time doing so. Adding tags to your blog posts is worth the time in terms of building additional traffic to your blog. They’re also key to helping readers find your blog when they are specifically searching for a topic, and can be easily picked up by search engines.

There are plenty other tips and tricks for building traffic to your blog. These four tips mentioned above are simply a good place to start and by no means the only ones. The blogging world is constantly changing and if you want to get to the top you must continue to read up on these trends.

How do you build traffic for your blog?