Everybody is still talking about Facebook and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Yes, people use Twitter to jib jab… but ultimately you need a home base for online social persona… and an extension of your website.

A fan page is great way to connect with your users and a place to advertise your business, post pictures, videos and connect a variety of your other networks at one central location. But in order to do this effectively, you must have a solid number of followers so you can maintain the momentum of engagement. So how can you go about that?

Create Contests
To add value to your fan page you have to ask yourself  for what reason are users going to join my page, aside from brand loyalty? You don’t want just to be a gateway for offering resources. A great way to create participation is through offering coupons and contests specifically to Facebook users.  This is key in enticing existing fans to engage… and more importantly reach and get consumers to join.

Many stores offer their fans coupons on Facebook that can be used in store, providing an added reason as to why the consumer should join.  For retailers, it’s a great mechanism to collect a customer database for future promotions. Coupons require consumers to click the coupon, which re directs them to a page where their contact information is required prior to the coupon being downloaded or sent.

Post Regularly
Like Twitter, and various social networking sites you must post regularly in order to attract new fans. In most cases two to three times a day is plenty, you can post more than that … however there is a direct correlation between the number of posts  you post and how much time you spend on your page. You can also use the social media management software Hootsuite that can schedule your posts releases, although there’s a school of thought that suggests that fans feel that this is less authentic and isn’t perceived as favourable.

The easiest way to show your Facebook fans that your listening to what they have to say is to simply “like” their response.  You could also just write a written response, it’s up to you.  Again, being authentic is the best way to blend in with your fan base . Either way you want to show your fans that you pay attention with what they have to say, and stimulate discussion.

Include Surveys
One of the best ways to engage your audience is through surveys. People like sharing their opinions. With that in mind why not hold a poll on your page.  In order to create discussion its best to stick with open ended questions that people can go on and on about.  Make sure you keep people up to date with the results of the survey, again to keep them engaged and wanting more.

 What tactics have you found useful on a Facebook page? We want to hear from you!