Smartphones are getting smarter, all thanks to advertising. With more people accessing the internet through their mobile phones, ad upgrading offers a huge niche for ad revenue. Mobile advertising is where creative juices (and funding) will be flowing hard. The thought of putting progressive advertising into the palm of every smartphone user’s hand couldn’t’ be more exciting!

Ad Mobility

Image provided courtesy of the Annie Mole (flickr), under the creative commons license.

With Google’s acquisition of Android Operating Systems and with the purchase of AdMob, the largest mobile advertising network out there, Google has put their stake in the sand for the fight in mobile advertising dominance.

A hair behind is Apple, with a $275 million dollar acquisition of Quattro Wireless after losing out to AdMob. The launch of the iPhone 4G which allows users to browse multiple programs simultaneously, has invariably improved the possibility for greater advertising space.

This means a great change for agencies, as it builds a brand new facet to our already lively interactive sector, and a viable tool for branding and monetizing the mobile web.  Mobile advertising in the recent past was relatively archaic and chunky, but with big media players investing in functionality, the result is our playground.