As a long-standing advertising agency, we consider ourselves as professional creative marketers.

Regardless of the industry or medium in which we are working – we ask the same questions with one key difference: we listen first.

Every advertising agency has its process, and we do as well. Our Brand Kinetix ensures that we evaluate every project in a certain way. We listen with no expectation of what the answers will be. No ‘same-old, same-old’ standard, run-of-the-mill solutions. The result is fresh, appealing, even zesty creative – with out-of-the-box new strategies for any particular industry. Keeping fresh is what makes our agency hum, and tick, and whirr. We constantly build and keep momentum… at the creative and marketing level, as well as at our client level.

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Photo by faith goble available under a creative commons license


The cross exposure of all that our creative team touches makes us versatile and constantly challenged to be progressive. I have to say that after 20 plus years of exposure to so many industries (just go to our on-line portfolio to see), the beauty of our diversification, is that we have become specialists in many industries and so many mediums.