When preparing for an advertising pitch, you have to be a perfectionist – if you are not a perfectionist, become one.

Even the smallest mistake can have major consequences. Think of going into a meeting, and finding that the headline to your conceptual ad has a typo. What is the company your presenting to supposed to think about your preparation – about your carelessness to detail that in could some way negatively impact the way their brand comes across. They are wary; you’ve lost the account.

Always prepare at a microscopic level.


It’s not enough to be a creative genius, and slap something up for your clients. They are investing in your expertise, so you better look expert.  And I’m not talking just about typos, I mean doing your homework – know about the company you are presenting to, their history, and the nature of their market.

RSW/US recently conducted a survey in May that had found marketing agencies perceived as largely under-prepared for their presentations, by industry standards.

So what to do when you present and you’re in a full blown advertising pitch?

Make sure you have the following:

  • A comprehensive binder outlining your approach, expands on all the materials, you presented, and serves as a touch-point for information even after you leave.
  • Cross your “T”s dot your “I”s. A good re-read through all your copy is a must, by fresh eyes especially.
  • Sensitize your presentation for time – don’t talk too much; packing a lot of information into a presentation is sometimes less informative.

Outline a “next step” before you leave; this shows motivation and the progression of what you’ve accomplished in the presentation.