The ongoing debate on what the differences are between B2B and B2C can be endless. Here at 3H Communications, we believe that, fundamentally, there is no difference. Whether you’re marketing a product or service to a business or consumer, the questions are the same — it’s the answers that are different. We still receive each project and analyze their objectives and goals, and create accordingly.

Regardless of whether your business operates B2B or B2C, these are the questions you need to ask:

Objectives What are they? Is it to maximize your profits by a certain percentage? To acquire a certain amount of new customers or clients by a certain time? To acquire more of the market share in your industry? Build a stronger community online for your brand? Target Market Who are you trying to target with your product or service? Are they predominantly males or females? Between a specific age range? Living in a specific region? Which group is most likely to respond to the product or service that you’re offering? Psychographics What do these groups of people enjoy doing? What do they do in their free-time? What is their purchasing behaviour? Their income and lifestyle? Knowing how your target market lives and behaves will significantly help you when deciphering a strategy to market your offerings. Competition Who are you competitors? What are they doing with their marketing initiatives? What is successful and unsuccessful about what they’re doing? How can you improve on the areas that your competitors were less successful? Knowing who your competitors are and what they’re doing will help you figure out a way to do it better. Breakthrough Creative When you’ve established the answers to all of the aforementioned questions, this will assist in developing breakthrough creative that may or may not have been previously explored in your industry. What Sets You Apart Companies can offer similar products or services but what sets each one apart from one another? It could be something as simple (and intricate) as a marketing strategy. Is it your logo? Your customer relationship management? Your intuitive website? Your community-focused social media plan? Figure out what sets you apart from the others, and run with it. What has been your experience in the marketing of B2B or B2C?