Can you believe that the most amazing day of the year is here? At least for me.

Miriamisms Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday to ME!

I love birthdays and I have the birthday–cake-hat and goofy glasses to prove it. Some of us shy away from birthdays, but then how would they get cake?  Never mind all the other fabulous side effects like; experience, expertise and knowing how to exhale!

I’ve heard people talking about “being in the present” as a catch phrase or goal, but I try to live it as core belief. Focusing on today creates a fresh and creative place for me to recognize the fantastic potential of each project. It’s why I won’t shy away from combining classical marketing tactics with social media and interactive technologies. From this Blog to my twittering Tomato Tips, I couldn’t be more excited about all the doors that social media has opened for my clients… and me.

This year more than ever I’ve found my creativity and energy thrust into overdrive and I’m developing incredible things.  You see, I’m celebrating a half century today {Happy Birthday to me!} and looking back at all the wonderful memories and projects I’ve shared with all of you has me thoroughly excited to see what’s coming up in the next… stay tuned.