In the spirit of transparency, this is a rework of  a brand building strategies blog with the same title I wrote close to a decade ago! This is one of my favourite sayings and the structure of article, I believe is still solid. My original article was written when  brand building was primarily built on the pillars of packaging and advertising. This only involved one-way dialogues and communications. Even with this one way communication stream, some brands were launched…and were still  left winking in the dark!

Today’s Complexities

When you market or launch a brand or corporation with little to no deployed communication plan, you will be essentially winking in the dark. No one can see you winking in the dark …no one can see your brand. You know your brand is available…but no one else does.

Today, brand building takes place in a much more complex landscape, where the digital environment and the variety of channels available offer endless possibilities. Platforms such as Google AdWords and YouTube campaigns, app advertising, and social media properties (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) are essential for modern brand building. The rise of smartphones and on-the-go searches has opened up huge opportunities for brands to stay relevant and visible to consumers when they’re actively searching. And we won’t discuss omni-channel marketing here or the use of data collection for crafting personalized content…seamlessly, and yes effortlessly(that’s for another blog!).

The Same Yet Different

Amidst the ever-changing digital landscape, basic marketing protocols still hold true. Resonating with the target audience is only possible with a clear and emotive message which now needs to be identified beyond rigid demographic lines. Strategies must not only be focused but diverse.
Over a decade ago, brand building hinged on packaging and advertising. It was a one-way dialogue. No more! Times have dramatically changed. Brand building today taps into platforms like YouTube, social media, and influencers, which are key to a brand’s success.

Brand building strategies today requires integration and high exposure. Traditional (print and broadcast) media advertising, though still relevant, needs to complement digital and new streaming channels. Brands must strive for seamless communication across all platforms.

Community building and leveraging social influencers are an integral in brand building. A brand becomes a community hub, inviting consumers to share their stories. This paves the way for converting potential consumers into brand ambassadors.

Aligning with the right influencers can help brands reach new audiences and generate buzz. Understanding consumer expectations and leveraging the reasons why consumers can trust brands is paramount. Failing to engage and striking the right cord by aligning values with their target will increase the risk of brands being overlooked.

Brand building now thrives in a dynamic landscape that includes websites, social media, content marketing, search optimization, and mobile accessibility. It’s about creating a platform for discussion and consumer participation to build and achieve brand trust and love.

How is your brand building going? Are there any challenges needing help? Please share your thoughts and experiences below. I may need it to write another blog update for the next version of this blog in the next decade!