Brand development is necessary for any brand competing in the market today. Regardless of the media channel or consumer behaviour, the need for brand development is still relevant. Brand means so many things to so many people. Yet, a brand should by definition be the same for all. But it’s not. Many people confuse Brand with a logo and a sexy tagline. It’s not. Brand is everything combined and it is the most important asset any business owns. It’s how the world sees you and if successful, it empowers them to trust you. It speaks to what you stand for and what you promise to deliver.

If you are in the midst of brand development for your business, product or even yourself, make sure you aren’t just ‘winging it’. Here are a few steps to enable brand definition:

Defining Brand promise is paramount. Consumers’ perception of brand is determined by their experience with it. In this social media era, the experience and opinions of others can also colour their thinking. Brand must take part in the development of their thinking. Brand can influence its own public image by defining, creating and communicating a strong brand identity.

Defining Brand visually is necessary. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: A logo does not make a brand. But it’s the first visual face to face meeting that consumers have with it. It’s imperative that you approach this significant visual aspect of your brand professionally.

Defining Brand identity in the brand development process is a sum of both of the above. How does it look? How does it sound? Developing a Brand identity is about how a brand communicates with the public – every time, all the time. Determine the tone, visual presence and verbal voice. Keep it consistent.

Defining a personal brand. What’s the difference? Or rather, is there a difference? With the emergence of business platforms, like LinkedIn, Brand has now evolved in the arena of “people branding”, also known as personal branding. Of course, personal branding isn’t new and isn’t the result of technology – it has always been around. However, not many people have exercised the notion. Technology has enabled the necessity of a personal brand to separate yourself from the masses. Whether its the summary you’ve written on your LinkedIn profile, the eBooks you provide to promote yourself, your blog posts or the resume you send in for a job posting. How you present yourself to the world in the digital arena must have the essence of your personal brand. Take a page from the brand development process, and apply it personally.

Success in today’s noisy marketplace is all about defining Brand: Whether you’re a product or a person, a brand development process is a must.

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