Hold it. Maintain it. Sustain it.

When an athlete is weary, run down or even a little discouraged… is it realistic for him or her to go and run a race, without much training in hopes of coming in first? No.

Brand fitness

Original photo by d_vdm available under a creative commons license


Likewise, it’s not very realistic to aim to come out of a recession thinking you’re going to be in first place without having put the time into training your consumers. Branding is critical to create an educated consumer, a consumer who knows your product is front-of-the line. There’s no need to push the envelope of your marketing budget and to go for glory in these tough times, but keeping the momentum is key. Maintain the brand energy, and nurture your brand investment. You’ll make sure the long-term brand fitness by keeping it fit on a daily basis!


What is brand fitness?

A fit brand is a brand that lives a long healthy life, one of profitable longevity.Hold it. Maintain your existing budget to sustain your market share.