As a seasoned brand marketer, I’ve come to realize a fundamental truth: brand marketing is not personal.
As marketers, it is our responsibility to ensure that personal opinions do not overshadow the brand’s intended message, style or persona. Our role is to utilize our expertise and exercise objectivity to effectively promote the brand ‘on our watch’ and maintain its integrity. In my years of experience, I have witnessed that, although separating personal preferences from the brand persona is essential for success, for some, it’s not always easy!

A brand is more than just a sum of personal tastes and preferences.
It has its own character, style, and tone that define its unique identity. Picture this. You’re responsible for launching a new product (sku) as an addition to a very popular brand’s portfolio. As a brand marketer, you must objectively assess the potential appeal of the new product to the target audience and where it fits in the entire brand portfolio. You would need to conduct market research, analyzing consumer trends, and leverage your brand expertise. Only then can you make informed decisions that align with the brand’s image and resonate with the intended consumers.

Brand identity requires the same reasoning and objectivity. As a brand marketer, it is critical to prioritize objectivity. When personal opinions take precedence over the brand’s persona, we risk straying from the brand’s intended course.

As brand custodians, it’s our role to shape the brand’s character, style, and tone that connects with the target audience. We can only do this by not only understanding the brand target audience’s preferences and needs but by adopting them as the brand’s mantra. This means we need set aside personal biases and approach our marketing strategies with a clear and objective mindset.

Full disclosure—I don’t have a favourite colour!
Now, I’ll let you in on my own little branding initiative – I wear purple every day and have done so for the better part of 35 years. Needless to say, people often ask if it’s my favourite colour.  As a Creative Being I love all colours equally. But the reason I wear purple is because it’s the agency’s brand colour.  Over time, it has become an integral part of our agency’s persona. By embracing the brand’s colour, I not only align myself with its identity, but I also showcase my commitment to its success.

It’s essential to remember that personal opinions should not overshadow the brand’s intended message. By allowing personal preferences to influence creative decisions, there is a risk veering off course and diluting the brand’s impact. To ensure a brand’s longevity and effectiveness, the brand’s character, style, and tone must be prioritize above personal inclinations.

Avoid the common pitfalls.
Maintaining brand integrity also means avoiding the pitfalls of personal bias in design and visual elements. A brand’s logo, packaging, and overall aesthetic should reflect its intended message and appeal to the target market.  For instance, I have penchant for minimalistic design. If I insisted on revamping every brand’s visual identity to align with my taste, I wouldn’t be working in a creative agency for very long, let alone 35 years!  By utilizing brand expertise and adopting an objective approach towards each and every brand we are entrusted with, we can make design choices that authentically represent the brand’s character while resonating with the intended audience.

As marketers, there’s a critical need to strike a balance between personal tastes and brand persona. By prioritizing objectivity, we can effectively deliver a brand’s intended message while staying true to its unique identity. Success is measured by our ability to navigate the brand’s identity with objectivity and build brand integrity. Here’s to the power of brands and the role we play in their success! What are your thoughts? Please share them here.