With over 40 years in marketing—and 35 of those at the creative core of 3H Communications—I’ve learned that while we often speak about brand positioning and essence, the “how” sometimes slips through the cracks. In the dynamic world of campaigns and boardroom brainstorms, it’s easy to fixate on what our brand should be and lose sight of how to genuinely bring it to life…. how to actually get there.

Branding Consistency: The Overlooked Pillar

Think about those iconic brands out there. They didn’t just happen overnight. They stayed true, they remained consistent. If there’s one thing I can drill down into from all these years, it’s this: branding thrives on consistency.I’ve got this analogy I love to use, one my team often rolls their eyes at (but they’ve come to love it, I swear). I call it the Bucket Principle.

Think of branding as a bucket. Every campaign, every tweet, every handshake is a drop in that bucket. The goal? Fill that bucket to the brim, till it spills over, becoming unmistakably yours.

But here’s what I’ve seen time and again: brands trying to fill more than one bucket at a time… even when budgets can’t support it! Maybe it’s the excitement of a new idea or the fear of missing out, but before their first bucket is full, they’re onto the next. And what happens? None of the buckets truly fill up. It’s like trying to tell a story with multiple versions at the same time —everyone gets a different take on the story!

One Voice, One Message

Every piece of marketing should resonate with a unified tone and message. It’s about consistently pouring into that one bucket, ensuring every effort amplifies the brand.
Looking back on all the rollercoaster highs and lows, this simple truth remains rock solid…consistency pays off. Whether you are a basement start up or a major corporate brand that is about to launch,  those who understand the power of a single, consistent message will stand out and stand tall. They’ve steadily poured into their chosen bucket, ensuring their brand’s voice resonates distinctly.

Final Thought…

So, as you carve out your path in the ever clutter world of branding, always keep that singular bucket in mind. Remember why consistency matters. Resist the temptation to juggle too much, spreading yourself too thin, too soon. Stick with it, and slowly but surely, your brand will make its mark, etching its place in your audience’s minds
What I have come to appreciate is while the world of branding might change, the need for a consistent voice remains paramount. Embrace your story, and the world will lean in to listen.