Some of us look forward to the season’s festivities — the get-togethers, the delicious food, the abundance of alcohol, to name a few. Along with the holiday dinners there are the work parties that a lot of us are obliged to attend — and 9/10 times, it isn’t always the most anticipated event of the month. Proper business etiquette can be tricky at parties; mostly because a lot of us may feel uncomfortable about how comfortable to be in these situations: what to wear, what to say, how much to eat or drink.

Here is a quick guide for proper business etiquette to ensure that you’re a hit at this year’s work holiday party:

 1. What to wear:
Dressing for success isn’t limited to the workday. Of course, you probably won’t wear something you’d wear to the office, but you do need to put considerable thought into your attire. When you attend the company party, avoid wearing anything that is too revealing or shows too much skin. You don’t want your managers to think you lack discretion.

Consider where the party is being held before choosing your outfit. If you are celebrating at a restaurant, follow the establishment’s dress code. If the party is at a private home, and you are still unsure, ask someone you trust for advice.

2. Food:
Enjoy the food at the party, but avoid looking like a glutton. The size of the hors d’oeuvre plates will give you an indication of what you are expected to eat. Don’t overfill it, and never double-dip anything after taking a bite. Know which utensils to use and when to use your fingers. Regardless of how delicious the food is, don’t ask for a doggy bag. A more appropriate thing to do is request the recipe later.

3. Alcohol:
If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Otherwise, you might say or do something you will later regret. This can get you into trouble or alter someone’s favorable opinion of you.

4. What to say:
Speak to everyone at the party in a positive, friendly tone, but don’t forget that this is not the place to say something negative that may get you into trouble later. If you find this difficult, make the rounds, greet everyone, and find an excuse to leave early. You should never say anything you wouldn’t say at the office.

All of us here at 3H Communications wish you a very safe and happy holiday. Please enjoy yourselves responsibly and use these tips to make the impression you want at this year’s work function!

What other business etiquette tips would you suggest for a work holiday party?