So here it is after much creative soul searching and research, meet the new 3H, purple and titanium… the new platinum reflective of our heritage, expertise in classic and new media. You’ve heard it from me before. Brand is a Living Organism. Our 3H brand is no exception. In 1988 when we launched our 3H logo in purple and mustard… In the midst of burgundy and blue…purple, bold and original, stood apart. Adding a dash of mustard to our purple provided us with flair and easy recall. But colour isn’t a logo (I’ve said that before, too!).  Our marketing approach to mandates and to our clients was unique, and that has made 3H a brand.

When one of the team suggested (thanks Gloria!), it was time to make a change, to instill new energy from within to change the perspective from the outside looking in… we asked the question why? The answer was resoundingly clear. It was time to evolve our brand so that the total scope of services we provide clients was at the forefront. I invite you meet us at and if you have the time, would love to here your comments on our Hoopla blog.