It’s that time of year again when everyone gets gathered for the Christmas holidays and here at 3H our office is decked out with purple tinsel, wreaths and a big tree full of PURPLE! Whether you celebrate the holiday festivities or not, this is the best time of year for gift giving. With all the hullabaloo (or should I say Hoopla!) over presents, it got me thinking about what I would like for Christmas. I’m always trying to find the most trendy and unique gifts for myself, even though I should be thinking of my family. It doesn’t help either being in the role that I’m in. Everyday I see posts and blogs about the latest trends in technology or coolest toys, making it hard for me to stay focused on gift giving and not gift buying for myself.

So what do you get someone who’s in the marketing field? Well I thought I’d turn this into a fun blog (hopefully) about what cool gifts to get a person in marketing.

Here is my “Marketing’s 12 Days of Christmas” gift giving list.

1. Traditional Books, Digitial Books, ebooks. Being new to marketing I crave for knowledge! Even though a book seems like too simple of a gift… often that’s the best gift. Marketers are always looking for the next trend, or how brands are built…. expanding their knowledge of marketing through books are a great way to do this.

2. Colour me Pantone. For all our designers out there. Did you know you can get their favourite Pantone colour on a iPhone case, mug, notebook, card case holder and more!

3. Hold that card!  Regardless of the digital age, with digital printing being so accessible, cards are really in! The #1 thing any business person does when they meet someone is give them their cards… and that is always the first impression. It goes without saying, making sure the card you offer up needs to be pristine… what better way to protect business cards then with a cardholder. There are sooo many cool ones out there… funky, stylish, hip, humorous, conservative, design-y….

4. Say it’s me with personality!  Who says writing on paper is out-dated? I know so few people are doing the writing on paper approach, but it’s that very fact that makes it a great gift. A personalized note initialized or named stationary adds a nice touch and is sure to be remembered.

5. Kitchen Design. For Graphic Designers these Photoshop Editor Magnets are way cool to have on your fridge to frame pictures. It looks just like the Photoshop layout!

6. The gift that keeps on showing up throughout the year! Besides books there’s added benefits to getting monthly marketing trends and how-tos from a magazine, like Marketing Magazine and better yet, they get to thank you every time it shows up!

7.  Gadget my world! I carry my smart phone everywhere, even to bed! So if they are like me and in social media, getting a cool gadget attachment is a great option.  For example,  recycled speakers or if they love posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram, a camera lens attachment that allows for better optical zoom or effects like a fish eye lens.

8. Download your world.Whether it’s for movies on the iPad or songs for the iPhone, everyone is sure to love an iTunes gift card. A simple gift for pretty much anyone. This can be great to download apps that will help with time management or keeping in touch with clients.

10.  Get a mini! I’m not talking about the car. Keeping connected is very important to us and the new iPad mini can be of great use. Especially when we’re on the go at conferences or on business trips.

11. Bag it! Having a stylish bag to keep laptops and important documents in is simply a “must have” when traveling to and from the office…. or any where else for that matter. Whether it’s one with lots of compartments, leather or handmade it will surely make a difference when traveling.

12. Make a statement.  With the speed of business we are constantly on the go… and that increases the chances of  bumping  into  things or worse… dropping our much loved computer on the floor You can find tons of different sleeves… one that is just right for that “someone” special. Our computers are an extension of our persona, so having a sleeve that speaks to their personality is a bonus! 

Regardless of what you get your family and friends this year enjoy the time spent with them and from the 3H family have a safe and happy holidays!

Have other gift giving suggestions?  Let me know in the comments below!