We’ve discussed in previous posts the importance of strong and lasting client relationship building: regardless of what your marketing strategy is or how ambitious your goals are, the bottom line is that it is all done in vain if the client relationship building is not present. I had a conversation the other day about ways to win new business; and while this may vary from industry to industry (and person to person), the traditional form of winning business through a proposal did not deem successful in this person’s case. Instead, he found that by simply hosting dinners at his home and inviting prospective clients over, he could obtain more leads than couriering a 15-page document to them. A personal touch, if you will.

Where else is client relationship building important?

In social media, many businesses think that it is good enough to generate content that is attractive to the end user — and even though we stress the importance of content managed posts, we also encourage community and client relationship building. The purpose should not only be impressions and reach, but also the relationships you create and maintain in the process. This means replying to comments and messages in a timely manner or addressing concerns appropriately. The person (or people) managing your social media accounts should add a personal touch to everything they do (as long as it is consistent with brand standards).

As for day-to-day operations, it doesn’t hurt to think of ways in which you can attract or retain clients by sending them little reminders of why they’ve chosen to do business with you. This can be by way of holiday cards, branded merchandise, or a hand-written note expressing gratitude for their patronage.

At the end of the day, there are probably several other businesses competing for the business you’ve won. Capabilities will only get you so far — building a strong and lasting client relationship is what will keep them coming back.

What are some of the ways in which you attract or retain client relationship building?